WHAT IS IT? This is a complimentary program that is presented to all of our salon service guests for continued loyalty to Pure Energy Hair Studio!

HOW DO I EARN “ENERGY” POINTS? You can earn ENERGY points in a number of different ways, including; referring friends, pre-booking future appointments and purchasing products in our salon.

1,000 ENERGY points = $1

  • Receive 20,000 points when you refer a new service guest to Pure Energy Hair Studio
  • Receive 1,000 points for pre-booking future appointments
  • Receive 20 times your retail purchase. Ex. $100 purchase = 2,000 points ($2.00)

What are ENERGY points good for?  Points can be redeemed for products and services at Pure Energy Hair Studio

How do I get started?  All Pure Energy Hair Studio salon service guests are automatically included in our rewards program with a valid email address

When can I redeem ENERGY points?  Points can be redeemed when you have 5,000 points ($5)

Terms and conditions

  • Points cannot be used for gift certificate purchases
  • Points cannot be shared or distributed
  • Points can be accumulated until the end of each calendar year and are redeemable until January 31st, the following year