Team work is at the heart of our culture at Pure Energy, and we encourage you to see any of our talented stylists when it is most convenient for you. As a result of our commitment to advanced training, you can feel confident that each team member is equipped to provide consistent and exceptional service!
Our haircut experience is a 45 minute reservation. It includes a consultation, a stress-relieving scalp ritual, shampoo and blow-dry. Any additional time required for your service or for a curl/flat-iron style,  will be an additional charge as more time will need to be reserved.

Design Cut

  • Women
    Design Stylist
  • $85+
    Design Director
  • Men
    Design Stylist
  • $65+
    Design Director

Additional charges will apply for extra time needed with longer hair, blow drying curly hair straight, or the use of a flat iron or curling iron.



  • Blow Dry Style
    Design Stylist
  • $50+
    Design Director
  • Formal Style
    Design Stylist
  • $100+
    Design Director

Styling prices may vary with longer hair and the time needed to create your desired style.

When booking an appointment for a formal style we request that you arrive at the salon with clean, dry hair unless otherwise specified by your stylist.